Homeowners Aleksey Kashkarov and Grigory Sander, as well as other co-owners of real estate properties, held an emergency meeting on energy efficiency this summer. The central topic of the meeting was the question of a sharp increase in prices and tariffs, which began last year. This was especially required for the facilities at Avotu street 76, Maskavas street 39 and Ezera street 18.

In addition to other types of warming, the issue of attic insulation was solved with the help of PAROC bulk stone wool. This type of warming does not require long coordination and design, such as facade insulation. However, at 2 objects of the group of companies, the frontage was also partially insulated. Many walls of the arched passages were also warmed up.

Thereby we approached the heating season with maximum readiness in terms of energy efficiency. This is evidenced by the first bills received this season, despite the sharp increase in tariffs last season, heat energy consumption decreased by 15-30% compared to last year. In absolute terms, prices are high, but it should be noted that state compensations, especially where gas boilers are installed, have led to an anomalous phenomenon for the first time since the start of a sharp rise in gas prices: in October, houses with gas heating turned out to be more economical than houses connected to Rigas Siltums.

Israeli citizen Alexey Kashkarov, who is also the head of the KA INVEST GROUP, said that Grigory Sander and other co-owners are very pleased with the result and the savings that have spread to all 400+ apartments and commercial premises under management.

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